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Sustainability appraisal

Source: Planning Advisory Service

The publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) means that PPS12 is now cancelled. DCLG are reviewing all their planning guidance, including this manual. However in the meantime, until it is officially withdrawn or revised, it remains extant.

Please note that the contents haven’t been changed to reflect the NPPF.

The purpose of the sustainability appraisal process is to appraise the social, environmental and economic effects of a plan from the outset. In doing so it will help ensure that decisions are made that contribute to achieving sustainable development.

The sustainability appraisal is integral to the plan making process. It should perform a key role in providing a sound evidence base for the plan and form an integrated part of the plan preparation process. It should be transparent and open to public participation. The sustainability appraisal should inform the decision making process to facilitate the evaluation of alternatives. It should also help demonstrate that the plan is the most appropriate given the reasonable alternatives.

If you do not have the resources within the local authority to undertake the sustainability appraisal of the plan, you may need to consider using a consultant to undertake the work. If this is required, local authorities are encouraged to locate external expertise in-house to help ensure the sustainability appraisal process is as integrated with the plan making process as possible.

What the sustainability appraisal section replaces

This section replaces the 2005 government guidance on ‘Sustainability Appraisal of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Documents’ as it applies to development plan documents. Where necessary, this section refers instead to the:

2005 Practical Guide to the Strategic Environmental Assessment where necessary

2005 Sustainability Appraisal Guidance (which still applies for regional spatial strategies).

In this section

Statutory and policy context for sustainability appraisals

This section gives an overview of what the European Directive and national legislation mean for the sustainability appraisal.

Early preparation of development plan documents: sustainability appraisal

Sustainability appraisal process should inform the preparation of a development plan document from the outset. It follows the SEA tasks that are set out in the SEA Practical Guide.

Publication and submission of a development plan document: sustainability appraisal

This section explains how the sustainability process relates to the publication and submission of a development plan document, in accordance with new Regulations 27 to 37.

Examination of a development plan document: sustainability appraisal

This section provides an overview of how the sustainability process relates to the examination stages that follow submission of a development plan document.

Sustainability appraisal: challenge questions

Ask yourself some key questions about your approach and practice with regards to sustainability appraisals.

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