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Strategic Planning & the Duty to Co-operate

Section 110 of the Localism Act sets out a new ‘duty to co-operate'. This applies to all local planning authorities, national park authorities and county councils in England – and to a number of other public bodies. The new duty:

  • relates to sustainable development or use of land that would have a significant impact on at least two local planning areas or on a planning matter that falls within the remit of a county council
  • requires that councils set out planning policies to address such issues
  • requires that councils and public bodies ‘engage constructively, actively and on an ongoing basis’ to develop strategic policies
  • requires councils to consider joint approaches to plan making.

Paragraph 156 of the NPPF sets out the strategic issues where co-operation might be appropriate (summarised under Q2).

Paragraphs 178-181 of the NPPF give further guidance on ‘planning strategically across local boundaries’, and highlight the importance of joint working to meet development requirements that cannot be wholly met within a single local planning area, through either joint planning policies or informal strategies such as infrastructure and investment plans.


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