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Research shows local plans are not cutting housing targets

Roger Milne of the Planning Portal reports:

New research by planning consultancy Nathaniel Lichfield Partners (NLP) has indicated that localism is not leading to cuts in housing targets in local plans.

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That conclusion was based on an analysis of all 55 local plans outside London formally submitted and/or examined in the 12 months since the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was launched in March 2012.

NLP researchers found that housing targets are not falling as some commentators anticipated or claimed. The consultancy said this was because the provisions of the NPPF are being applied rigorously by planning inspectors.

The report - ‘Objectively Speaking : 12 months of applying the NPPF to housing targets in local plans’ – found that 55 per cent of local planning authorities (LPAs) submitted a plan that proposed a reduction in the housing target.

NLP reported that 18 local plans were found to be “sound” and 44 per cent of LPAs had to increase their submitted housing target in order to pass muster.

Five local plans found to be “sound” are subject to immediate/early review of their housing target while two local plans have been withdrawn because of soundness concerns.

A further two local plans were found “sound” with a target lower than both the Regional Strategy and household projections: both are subject to an early review.

NLP director Matthew Spry said: “Localism created a political expectation that housing targets could be cut, but this is not being reflected in sound plans.

“Over the past twelve months, the NPPF has been putting an upward pressure on housing targets in local plans and in most cases it is only the historic but extant Regional Strategy and/or a lack of good quality evidence that has stopped plans from having to increase their targets even further.”

Access the report.

via Planning Portal - Research shows local plans are not cutting housing targets.

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