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Proposed Extension at Alrewas Quarry

The prospective applicant for the above development has requested the County Council to adopt a scoping opinion, as to the information to be provided in the Environmental Statement.  Under Regulation 10(4), the County Council is required to consult your organisation, together with certain other bodies, before adopting the scoping opinion.
The relevant documents are available HERE – click on the ‘Documents’ tab.  Alternatively go to the Staffordshire Planning web page – ‘Application Search’, enter the reference number, click Submit and click on the ‘Documents’ tab.
I am now requesting your comments on the information that you consider should be included in the Environmental Statement. Regulation 10(4) requires the County Council to adopt its scoping opinion by 16 April 2013, so I would be pleased if you would treat this as a matter of some urgency.
Please note: any comments received are open to all to read and to copy (including, but not limited to: the prospective applicant/ agent, the public, or the press).  Copyright restrictions and photocopying charges may apply. If for any reason you do not want your comments to be made publicly available in this way then you have the right to withdraw them, in which case we will remove them from our records and they will not be considered by the Director for Place & Deputy Chief Executive.
I should be grateful if you could address your response to me and include our reference number in your reply.  Alternatively you can respond using our Staffordshire Planning web site via the Applications Register comment form.  Simply enter the application number and use the comment form.  You would receive an automated acknowledgement which confirms your submitted comments and allows you to save them for your own record purposes.
Yours faithfully,
David Bray
Principal Planning Officer
Planning Policy & Development Control
Staffordshire County Council
Office Location: No.1 Staffordshire Place, Stafford, ST16 2LP
Postal address: Wedgwood Building, Block A, Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH

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