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‘Prematurity’ of Neighbourhood Plan – Reason for Refusal

An Example of the 'Prematurity' Reason for Refusal

You may be interested to know that the good people of Wealden District Council in East Sussex have recently included the following as one reason for refusal of a 30 home scheme on the edge of the village of Herstmonceux:

"To permit a development of 30 dwellings in this location, outside of the development boundary in open countryside would risk prejudicing the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan by pre-determining decisions about the scale, location and phasing of new development within the Herstmonceux area and is therefore contrary to WCS6 of the Core Strategy Local Plan 2013 and national planning advice in the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 specifically paragraphs 183, 184 and 185 and the Localism Act 2011."

This very refreshing decision was only a couple of weeks ago and no appeal has yet been lodged. Wealden has a new Local Plan and five year land supply so may feel more confident in using this than other LPAs. The Plan allocates a housing target for the parish, but the Neighbourhood Area has only recently been designated and the process of preparing the NDP is in its early days.

via An Example of the 'Prematurity' Reason for Refusal | LinkedIn.

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