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Planning Portal – Funding to help communities build

Funding to help communities build

Housing Minister Mark Prisk has announced that funding is to be made available for people with plans and ideas for their neighbourhood, (I.e. self-build homes and community shops) and require resources to work up designs and obtain planning permission.

Under this initiative some £17m originally earmarked solely to help Community Right to Build projects will now be open to any community scheme.

This means that communities who want to make a change in their area, such as creating a new playground, renovating an empty home or making plots available for house building will be able to access the money they need to develop plans and make it happen.

The fund is available for communities outside London until March 2015. Self builders will also be able to benefit from the fund by joining forces with local people to design and gain approval for the home they want.

This pot is in addition to the £30m Custom Build Fund to help people get such projects off the ground.

The minister said: “From barn conversions to bungalows, anyone wanting to build new homes in their area should have the opportunity to do so. That’s why we’re opening the door to a £17m support fund which will help people navigate the early stages of any project.”

Read the Department for Communities and Local Government news release.

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