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Planning Appeal hearings can be filmed and tweeted

Planning Portal reports that Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has announced new guidance that will formally open up planning appeal hearings “to be filmed, tweeted and reported”.

Mr Pickles also challenged councils to open up their planning committees and other meetings.

As part of the government’s review of planning practice, new guidance by the Planning Inspectorate will make clear the rights for members of the press and public, including local bloggers and hyperlocal journalists, to report, film and tweet planning appeal hearings.

Ministers hope this initiative will open up a rarely seen side of the planning process. The Department for Communities and Local Government has stated that: “provided that it does not disrupt proceedings, anyone will be allowed to report, record and film proceedings including the use of digital and social media”.

Inspectors are to advise those present at the start of the event that the proceedings may be recorded and/or filmed, and that anyone using social media during or after the end of the proceedings should do so responsibly.

Pickles added: “Watching television programmes like Grand Designs, viewers have been baffled as cameras are stopped from filming meetings of the planning committee. Councillors shouldn’t be ashamed or be trying to hide the work they do.“ As a result he added that "I am opening up the planning appeals that my department oversees, so the public can see how the planning system works in practice.

“Councils should match this by opening up their planning meetings and other committees,” he said.

Access the Department for Communities and Local Government press release

via Planning Portal - Appeal hearings can be filmed and tweeted.

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