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New Homes Bonus report ‘negative and unfair’

Roger Milne of Planning Portal reports:

New Homes Bonus report 'negative and unfair’

The Government has rejected concerns over the New Homes Bonus voiced in a report from the National Audit Office.

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The report said the Government’s assessment of the impact of the initiative was based on “limited evidence" and contained an error which increased estimated construction rates.

The NAO report also raised a number of issues about the design and implementation of the incentive regime. It questioned whether the funding would lead to additional housing completions and the potential impact on local authorities in areas of lower demand.

However, Housing Minister Mark Prisk said: "This report is unduly negative and unfair. Housing supply is up and planning approvals are up – we are getting Britain building.

“The reality is that the New Homes Bonus has already rewarded councils for the delivery of 450,000 homes and we are confident that it has the potential to increase supply by at least 100,000 homes over ten years.

“The New Homes Bonus provides a real incentive for communities to grow, to provide more affordable housing and to get empty homes back into use. It is simple and fair to all parts of the country – councils which build more homes, receive more funding."

via Planning Portal - New Homes Bonus report 'negative and unfair’.

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