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Neighbourhood planning rural frontrunners case studies


To document the experiences and challenges encountered by Neighbourhood Planning Frontrunner projects in rural areas to see what role Neighbourhood Planning can play in delivering the rural agenda and to understand of how the planning process has worked or is likely to work.

The evidence gathered by the project will inform case studies which communities considering Neighbourhood Planning can consult as they go about developing their own neighbourhood plans and development orders.


The value of the evidence gathered to RCPU will be to enhance and illuminate our understanding of how rural areas are using neighbourhood planning to:
• achieve and advance their identified objectives;
• identify typical issues neighbourhood planning is being used to address;
• to understand what the underlying principles of good practice are; and
• to use this evidence as a basis on which to develop the policy work of the RCPU preparation for when Neighbourhood Planning is fully rolled out.

RCPU also want to track rural neighbourhood planning schemes and obtain a fine-grained understanding of how the plans worked in particular areas, especially:
• what factors have determined whether plans have been implemented successfully so far;
• what barriers and challenges have been encountered and how they have been tackled;
• when each neighbourhood intends to arrive at examination/referendum;
• examples of projects using the new Neighbourhood Planning Rights to gain positive outcomes;
• how the local community has been engaged;
• who typically has been engaged or demonstrated a propensity to be engaged – local businesses, schools, local politicians, or political parties;
• what programmes or schemes have been put in place in practice, with a particular focus on those designed to provide affordable housing, improve
infrastructure and communications and to encourage economic growth; and
• what local issues have typically not been tackled by neighbourhood planning schemes.

Project Documents

• FRP – Final Report : The rural frontrunners: research and case studies   (432k)
• EXE – Executive Summary : The rural frontrunners: research and case studies   (24k)
• OTH – Other : The rural frontrunners: case studies and tips (Print Version)   (4246k)
• OTH – Other : The rural frontrunners: case studies and tips (Screen Version)   (4233k)

Contractor / Funded Organisations

Parsons Brinckerhoff Ltd

via Defra, UK – Science Search.

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