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Locality wins contracts to help more communities take control

Locality are delighted to announce they will be supporting more local people to create the neighbourhoods they want to live in, thanks to new funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

The new combined funding of around £32 million from the DCLG will allow us to offer free advice, grants and a learning network to support communities to use the Community Rights and other opportunities.

The new funding will help support:

• Neighbourhoods to tackle important local issues from after school activities to health priorities through the Our Place programme

• 100 new communities to take the first steps in identifying important local issues and developing Community Action Plans

• More and faster  transfers of community assets from councils into community ownership

• More local groups to shape the development of their neighboutrhoods and draw up neighbourhood plans

These new contracts are:

  1. Advice Service and Network
  2. Community Economic Development
  3. Community Ownership and Management of Assets
  4. First Steps and Our Place
  5. Neighbourhood Planning and Community
  6. Right to Build

Locality will be working with Co-operatives UK who are leading on the Community Economic Development programme and Groundwork who are leading the grant administration, also the Community Development Foundation – joint lead on the Advice Service and Networks programme, along with an extensive network of partners.

As part of the support programme, the website will launch in early March including the My Community network with advice for communities wanting to take up the new opportunities.

Tony Armstrong Chief Executive Officer of Locality said:

“Locality and partners are very proud to be running the new Community Rights programmes. The support and funding available to communities gives us the opportunity to reach many more people and build on the successes of past programmes. We’ll be helping groups to take over local buildings and land such as pubs, sports centres and community facilities, to shape and deliver public services, and to develop neighbourhood plans.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get started and in some of the most deprived communities. There is so much inspiring work in communities, we see it every day through the activities of our members. We will create a widespread network for learning, with community champions inspiring others to take local action – improving people’s lives and creating thriving neighbourhoods.”

Stephen Williams MP said:

“This Government has trusted local people and given them new rights, introduced by the Localism Act, so they decide how to run their community.“

Real innovation and impact does not come from the old ways of working but from new ideas, new collaborations, new partnerships and most of all from local people who have the best knowledge.

“The 3,000 uses of the rights so far is proof that communities are revolutionising the way their neighbourhoods work and this further commitment will ensure the Community Rights movement goes from strength to strength.

”Locality will build on the successes of past programmes. More than 1,800 buildings – from pubs to football grounds – have been nominated as ‘assets of community value’ using the Community Right to Bid legislation with a further 150 assets transferred into community ownership. And more than 1,300 areas have been designated Neighbourhood Planning areas with more than 5 million people living in a Neighbourhood Planning area.

In advance of the new website launching, you can visit for information on the Community Rights.

Start thinking about what you want to change in your community and the difference you could make!

See DCLG’s press release announcing the funding and for more details of partners.

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