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DCLG to consult on legal requirement for councils to have Local Plan

Friday, 06 December 2013

The Department for Communities and Local Government is to consult next year on making it a statutory requirement for a council to put a Local Plan in place. Just under a quarter of council (24%) currently do not have such a document in place, the DCLG said.

The consultation will also include measures “cutting the number of applications where unnecessary statutory consultations take place while keeping the same level of environmental protections”.

The Department also plans to:

  • legislate so that when a council has failed to deal with details required by a condition on a planning permission on time, it will be treated as approved;
  • strengthen the requirement for councils to justify conditions which require more information before work can start;
  • work with local authorities, industry and other parties to develop a pilot for passing a share of the benefits of development directly to individual households.

Planning Minister Nick Boles said: “These proposals mark an important next step in streamlining the planning system and ensuring it is able to work efficiently to support the development of new homes, infrastructure and jobs we need.

“They will also ensure that communities are at the heart of the planning system and given the power to make the right decisions for their local area.”
The DCLG has also kickstarted a review of the Planning Act 2008 regime for nationally significant infrastructure, publishing a discussion document.

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