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Community Right to Bid

The new Community Right to Bid is now in force. It aims to keep valued land and buildings in community use by giving local people the chance to bid to buy them, if and when they come onto the market.

You have the opportunity to nominate public and private land and buildings to be part of a register of ‘assets of community value’. If something on this register is offered for sale, the Right is triggered. You will then have up to six months to prepare a bid and compete to buy it.

Read our guide to Understanding the Community Right to Bid, and contact us through the advice service to access support about acquiring assets of community value and to apply for pre-feasibility, feasibility and capital grants.

What could the new Right to Bid be used for?

Your community could use the new Community Right to Bid to nominate, then bid for local land and buildings including:

  • village shops
  • public houses
  • former schools
  • swimming pools
  • a public open space

These might currently be owned by your local authority or another public body, but they could also be owned by a private company or an individual.

Support and advice

Get started and find inspiring stories in the case studies and further support sections of the website. A grants programme has been launched to support community ownership and management of assets including capital grants for the purchase of assets.

Still have questions? Please get in touch with our advice service.

And visit our pages on Community Asset Transfer for more information.

The new Community Right to Bid will be available in England only.

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