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Colton Parish Council Parish Plan


With the support of the Parish Council a group of volunteers (most not connected with the Parish Council) have created a Parish Plan for the Parish of Colton.

This plan has been created with the guidance of Lichfield District Council and the support of the Community Council of Staffordshire.

The plan is available here to download or read:

The steering group followed methodologies suggested by various local government sources in order to create as objective and professional a plan as possible.

The key data used as input for the plan were the results of a questionnaire distributed by hand to every household in the Parish. The questionnaire and the analysis of the replies can be viewed here:

Overview of households

o Link to Colton questionnaire part 1

o Link to Part 1 analysis.xls

There have been many opportunities for parishioners to participate in this process and give feedback into the creation of the plan.

The Monitoring and Coordination Group would be delighted to receive any comments or suggestions regarding the content of the plan or its implementation.

Please email any comments to the Webmaster

via Colton Parish Council | Parish Plan.

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