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Broughton Astley Neighbourhood Plan reaches examination stage

The publication Neighbourhood Planning reports that:

The draft Broughton Astley Neighbourhood Plan circulated earlier this year has been amended to take into account the comments and suggestions made by consultation bodies and local people.

The revised, examination version of the Neighbourhood Plan has now been submitted to Harborough District Council in order to undergo a further 6-week period of consultation period which began on 1 July 2013.

Any comments made during this period will be sent to the Independent Examiner who will inspect the plan and then, if it is considered to be ‘fit for purpose’ will recommend that a local public referendum is held on whether or not to adopt the plan.

Comments on the Neighbourhood Plan should be submitted to Harborough District Council by 5.00pm on 12th August 2013 by visiting the Harborough DC website.

Parish Council Chairman Clive Grafton-Reed commented on the progress of the plan saying “We are very grateful for the support of residents who have been involved in the process, to enable the Parish Council to get to this important stage.

The residents who have been involved in the creation of the plan will be interested to see the way that it has evolved during the process, and will hopefully feel confident that the Parish Council, with the help of its community has produced a document which will provide a framework for planning decisions and a basis for growth and improved facilities and services in Broughton Astley over the next 20 years or so.

It is important to remember that the Neighbourhood Plan is owned by the community of Broughton Astley; which will now be able to decide where and where not housing, employment, retail and leisure development will be placed in Broughton Astley in the future. If we did not produce a Neighbourhood Plan, these decisions would be made entirely by the District planning authority on their behalf.

Major changes to the draft plan

  • The reduction in the number of development sites from three to two; and the reserve sites from four to one.
    This has been done in response to concerns from residents about the number of houses which could potentially be constructed, and also concerns from the Planning Authority that if sites were included in the plan, the Neighbourhood Plan could be more open to challenges from developers;
  • The combination of sites MXD 02 and 03 as a single site as they are essentially linked and the delivery is dependent on one another;
  • A policy for the phasing of construction on the two development sites;
  • A policy on what should and should not be allowed on each site;
  • A policy on the type of development allowed on the employment site;
  • The identification of a Village Centre area to be preserved and protected;
  • A stronger policy on the Area of Separation for Sutton in the Elms;
  • A stronger policy for the protection of the environment, heritage and open spaces in the village;
  • Allocation for land for community and leisure facilities; and
  • Allocation of land for medical facilities.

For further information on the Examination Version of the plan and to view all the supporting documents please visit the Parish Councils website.

via Neighbourhood Planning.

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